N°24- Power of Making


Whilst I was reading the the article “Processing: Analogue/Digital Materials surfaces article they referenced an interesting exhibit that was at the V&A. This particular exhibit had released a book “The power of Making” which reflects on the future of making and the potential for a second industrial revolution.

See below some interesting and relevant quotes:

“They were designing with traditional media and then using the lab to turn their designs into what they wanted to make.. it was full of computing but the computing wasn’t used to design. It was used to map things from one media to the other” Charny, D (2011) p.62

“Bruce Sterling reflects on the future maker and on the culture of the “mashup”. He envisions a new situation where technology and hands-on tinkering are one.” Charny, D (2011) p.9

“The presumption was that the contemporary represents the end of a history of original craft that was richer and better.” Charny, D (2011) p.16

“Tools that aid in the slow perfection of the skill; the constant endeavor that allowed someone to become better and better at what they could do with the materials” Charny, D (2011) p.20

“The term ‘craft’ returns us to something that in practice is often deeper , commonly  requiring both collaboration with other people and collaboration with machines.” Charny, D (2011) p.20

“All you need to do is remind yourself that producing things is one of the most effective means for the realization of the person, for seeing one’s own capacity in the evidence of the things we have ourselves created.” Charny, D (2011) p.23

“Making is therefore not only a fulfillment of needs, but of desires- a process whereby mind, body and imagination are integrated in the practice of thought through action” Charny, D (2011) p.39

“Tools and equipment are prosthetic extensions of the body that carry the thought of the maker, wholly different from the autonomous production of machines.”  Charny, D (2011) p.40

Some interesting themes emerging from my contextual review are: Collaboration, tools, context and the creative process. I will make sure to note these themes for use in the analysis of my methods.

Charny, D. (2011) Power of Making. London: V&A Publishing.

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