N°23- Digital needs analogue


In this online article the author David Hieatt a graphic designer uses a letterpress to do some work instead of InDesign. He states that

“In a digital world, isn’t all this just a pain in the ass? For sure, it took us some time. And the late nights by the team just sticking labels on to envelopes has been something. (Thanks Naomi, thanks Rob)

But something tells me that digital needs analogue.

Now and again we just need something to arrive on our doormat that we look forward to opening.

Print is still magic.”

By moving using the analogue way of printing he discovered the lovely relationship between digital and analogue. I had a similar “aha” moment when I did the letterpress course at LCC this summer. I had only learned graphic design using the Adobe Suite in Uni and when using the letterpress I had a new understanding why Adobe is set up the way it is. I had no idea that upper case and lower case came from the where the letters were placed in the cases and I had a new appreciation for kerning when I had to do it by hand. I do agree with this article that digital does need analogue and I am keen to explore this relationship further.


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