N°22- Processing: Analogue / Digital Material Surfaces

Catherine sent me this useful article outlining a workshop that was done using digital and analogue surfaces.

See link for it below:


Interesting quotes:

“by marrying the precision of computer-control with the imprecision of hands-on making, mess and mistakes” Birghton Article

“The results are very basic and the challenge is to develop an artistic standpoint. Manual control of a tool is much more direct. So for everybody it felt like drawing a picture without using their hands, guiding the brush only by giving spoken commands. After getting over this frustration the workshop showed what could be achieved even with limited abilities (Laux, 2011).”

It hints at a useful tension between digital and analogue, machine and human, computer-controlled plot versus the hand-made mark. There is a wider implication that chance, mistakes, mess and hands-on making are essential in the post-digital age

Students witness the tutor-practitioner solving problems, making mistakes. Being able to work alongside and witness the decision making processes of professional artists and designers

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