N°20- The Fundamentals of Illustration

So from No. 20 onwards I will be working on my self initiated project. I have decided that I would like to look into how to introduce digital pattern cutting into the womenswear curriculum.

In our session we looked at different methods of research and how to start our research. After this session I went to the library to get a start. I found that there was little research in introducing digital pattern cutting but there are many other industries that have introduced an aspect of working digitally alongside analogue. These industries include graphic design, Architecture and Illustration.

Here are some quotes I found interesting from the Fundamentals of Illustration.

“The journey that the illustrator may have taken over previous years in order to reach a point where creating work becomes second nature” Zeegan, L (2005) p.58

“the blend and scope of their chosen materials, tools and techniques is what helps define the work that they produce” Zeegan, L (2005) p.58

“Experimenting with techniques and ways of working can be more important than exploring the scope” Zeegan, L (2005) p.58

Zeegen, Lawrance; crush. (2005) The Fundamentals of Illustration. Lausanne: AVA.

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