N°19- Engaging Imagination

Here are some interesting excerpts from this reading. I focused on chapters 1,2 and 8 as this is what interested me with my practise.

Chapter 1 focused on the idea of introducing 3-4 modalities to engage the students to have better results. Giving students that time to mull over and practise different forms of learning is more memorable to the students. I would like to practise this in a workshop that I teach the students for draping. I usually get the students to drape using fabric based on a image. To implement different modalities I would like them to first

  1. Make a mini paper mock up of the image
  2. Create a working drawing of the image
  3. Write down an analysis of the seams and details of the image

Chapter 2 focuses on thinking critically.

Chapter 8 uses clinical therapy to analyse how to ask good questions. They use a case study where they ask students to write self characterisations of themselves. They share them and analyse them in terms of context, recurrent or dominant themes and motifs. I do something similar with my students where we ask them to write a bio about themselves. I however ask them to present to get to know the students and form a community amongst them. Ido not use it for analyse and self discovery. I would like to investigate clinical therapy in teaching further for my practise.

James, A. Brookfield, S. (2014) Engaging Imagination. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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