N°16- Creative Attributes Framework

In the teaching and learning session on June 7th we discussed employability within the curriculum as well as The Creative Attributes Framework. I found this session very relevant to my practise as that morning we had a meeting to discuss our graduate profile and discussed the framework in relation to our course revalidation.

In the discussion about our graduate profile we discussed that we would like a graduate with a strong combination of design and technical skills. We would like them to be aware of the transferrable skills that we teach them which would enable them to work in any creative field. The skills that we would like them to acquire throughout their degree are in line with the framework and include: confidence, agility, storytelling and enterprise.

See The Credit Framework Attributes below:

During the sessions we were recommended some readings. One was “Creative Graduates, Creative Futures.” In reading it another attribute I would like to propose adding to our graduate profile it to have a solid awareness of work/life balance. I believe this is something that leads to a more sustainable future. Another interesting aspect in the journal was becoming a life long learner. Our graduate should always continue to develop their creative practise and we should nurture them to be able to do so on their own.

The journal finishes by saying “It is clear there is work to be done to prepare graduates for the likelihood they will be self‐employed and for the requirements for creative careers, with appropriate support for progression into work and continuing professional development into their careers.” This is interesting as I am a teaching/practitioner and this aspect is something that I value in teaching the students. I am going to explore how to integrate this into a short unit for our course revalidation.

Ball L, Pollard E, Stanley N. (2010) Creative Graduates Creative Futures


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