N°6- Tweet Chat

To understand how social media can be used for learning we were asked to participate in a tweet chat. The focus of the activity was not the platform itself but how social media can be used to enhance learning through sharing of practise as well as forming as connection with others. I believe that the idea of connecting via a social platform does work and was keen to see if I could make this connection using the Tweet Chat.

The Tweet Chat that I participated in was the Learning an Teaching in HE . This was a regular chat that takes place every Wednesday. This particular Wednesday was a discussion on Personal Pedagogies https://lthechat.com/2017/03/07/lthechat-78-personal-pedagogies/. I found this really engaging as I struggle with my own pedagogy so not only was I able to practise an aspect of TEL but I was also able to learn about how others in education foster their own pedagogies.

I of course was super keen and joined the chat 15 minutes early to avoid being late and missing anything. In hindsight I have realised that it is not necessary to be on time as you can pick up and join the conversation at any time. That is the great thing about chatting digitally. I found it was beneficial to introduce myself to the group. Without doing this I would have found it hard to form a connection and would have perhaps gotten lost amongst all of the other participants.

The opening question asked to us was “what is your own personal pedagogy”. I responded with the “I was working on mine.” I was relieved to find out that many people on the chat were also in the early stages of establishing their pedagogy. From the tweets it was evident that there was a diverse group of participants in various levels of teaching. Some were just starting out like me and others were at a senior level. This helped to keep the chat going and kept my interest for several minutes.

After a 15 minutes when the conversation moved to an academic and less casual approach was when I lost interest. You can see below the tweet photos of a few participants with the definitions of pedagogy. While I found these definitions helpful it made me lose the connection with the group clicking on them and reading such lengthy posts and then trying to go back to the chat and follow was very hard to do. For the chat to really be successful for me it needs to be kept informal and short, only using the 140 character restriction of Twitter. This restriction is what makes twitter beneficial for conducting a chat and longer image posts defeat the point of this. I did try to look at the Storify of the tweet chat when I had lost track of the conversation and left but the link did not work which was disappointing and shows that technology can fail.

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